Who We are

Eenovators is an Energy Consulting firm that is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable energy efficiency solutions. Our products and services are rooted in engineering and driven by innovation, passion, state of the art equipment and world experience.


Eenovators’ experience acquired working across several African countries, and gained over multi sector industries, has provided the expertise to effectively deliver practical solutions across industry.


We offer energy consumers reliable opportunities to resolve their energy challenges, through energy conservation strategies that for sustainable outcomes.


Eenovators works through the ECS© model that is fashioned around the principles of maximizing on operational efficiency, reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability of energy solutions.

Our model

client focused and solution oriented

Energy Monitoring

The power of real-time data provides organizations with a competitive advantage in industry. Eenovators’ capacity to provide customers with real time data that is well managed has radically improved the accuracy of planning and forecasting.


With lighting being one of the highest fixed power needs in both public buildings and industry, with recent surveys indicating that 39% of electricity in office buildings is consumed by lighting,


Solar PV solutions

Eenovators is one of the biggest Solar PV solutions providers in Kenya highly specialized in design, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems. Fully licensed and certified by Energy Regulatory Commission of Kenya.


Energy management training

Our training is aimed at equipping energy professionals with holistic energy management skills relevant to the market.

Internationally acclaimed & certified

Eenovators training programmes are internationally acclaimed, recognized and certified and offered by a qualified team of energy experts.

Tailor made

The courses are tailor made to suit the clients’ needs and updated to include any emerging global trends in the energy industry.

Training partners

Eenovators has partnered with formidable brands including the Association of Energy Engineers and is certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as training provider in the energy sector.


Our Clients

Eenovators is proud to have partnered with