Eenovators training programmes are internationally acclaimed, recognized and certified and offered by a qualified team of energy experts.

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Eenovators offers energy management training aimed at equipping energy professionals with holistic energy management skills relevant to the market as well as to create awareness of energy management amongst the public. From experience carrying out energy audits across industry, Eenovators has identified a mismatch between clients’ energy efficiency strategies and skilled energy-focused manpower within organizations. As a result, Eenovators’ training programmes endeavor to offer value addition for energy auditing clients through internal capacity building on energy efficiency.


Eenovators training programmes are internationally acclaimed, recognized and certified and offered by a qualified team of energy experts. The courses are tailor made to suit the clients’ needs and updated to include any emerging global trends in the energy industry. Eenovators has partnered with formidable brands including the Association of Energy Engineers and is certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as training provider in the energy sector.

energy programmes

Eenovators’ experienced energy experts offer the following energy programmes:

Certified Energy Manager

The Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) program recognises individuals who have demonstrated high levels of experience, competence, proficiency, and ethical fitness in the energy management profession. CEM® comprises an elite group of professionals serving industry, business and government throughout the world. In partnership with Association of Energy Engineers, we offer this course locally to professionals in the energy sector.

Energy Efficiency And Management

Energy Efficiency contributes a lot in cutting energy consumption and costs in entities that consume a lot of energy. Skills must however be developed to achieve desired results. Our course is designed to specifically equip our trainees with practical skills and knowledge that makes benefits of energy efficiency and everyday reality.

Energy Measurement And Verification

The energy efficiency industry has grown tremendously in Kenya over the past two years with companies conducting audits and implementing various energy efficiency measures. However, it has become a headache to really measure and verify whether the effected energy saving measure has really saved energy. With lack of skill set in this area, facility owners cannot verify the savings in energy and cost they have made. We offer this course that will give professional skills to the industry

Energy Auditing

Studying the energy consumption profile of a facility with a view of reducing energy use is a skill that must be developed to levels of appropriate competency if any measured benefit is to be achieved. We equip trainees with a range of skills that makes them world class energy auditors and energy efficiency experts.

Energy Awareness And Behavior Change

Technology, equipment and other energy using elements can be as efficient as they can be. But the interface between efficient technology and humans lie the greatest challenge. Energy awareness and attitude change among staff can realize more savings in energy than any technology known to man. We offer this course to help facility owners inculcate the culture of energy consciousness within their staff.

Renewable Energy Solutions Training

The essence of clean energy and its importance in the 21st century cannot be gain said. The energy sector is transitioning rapidly clean energy solutions such as solar and wind. Market demand for solar energy must therefore be matched with an army of competent and skilled technicians and entrepreneurs who can midwife this moment of energy advancement. Eenovators Ltd offers training in Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems.

Lighting Solutions Training

Efficient lighting not only saves energy and money for companies, but they also transfer a facility into a different spectrum of LED lighting technology. Transitioning to LED requires understanding of its various benefits. This course is designed to cover the lighting essentials and knowledge to the advantage of the trainee.

Power Quality Training

The effects of power quality problems in industrial, commercial, and residential systems can range from a minor inconvenience to costly production downtime. This course covers the fundamentals of power quality, its distribution, monitoring and troubleshooting.