About Us

Our Story

Eenovators is an Energy consulting and Service Company dedicated to offering innovative and reliable energy efficiency solutions. Our products and services are rooted in engineering and driven by innovation, passion, state of the art equipment and world experience.

Eenovators works through the Energy Service Model (ESCO©), fashioned around maximizing operational efficiency, reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability of energy solutions with negligible financial investment, whilst adopting an approach that is client focused and solution oriented.

We offer energy stakeholders reliable opportunities to resolve their energy challenges, through energy conservation strategies that yield sustainable outcomes. We have operations both in Kenya and Uganda and an African reach in most of our services.


To be the authoritative center of excellence for energy management and clean energy initiatives in Africa


To empower the community through best practices, awareness and knowledge transfer and to foster partnerships for the realization of energy efficiency


Innovation Redesigned
Professionalism Redefined
Integrity justified


Our services help firms comply with legal and regulatory requirements in the energy sector promoting brand reputation.

Our energy-saving solutions result in improved cost control, leading to significant cost savings of up to 30% in six months.

Our customized energy training is designed to be relevant to the client’s specific energy needs and adequately equips staff with sufficient knowledge on energy efficiency.

Our solutions help organizations be environmentally responsible corporates by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

Our experience spans a variety of industries in telecommunications, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, building and construction, education and health sectors across Africa.

Our energy interventions are technologically aligned to offer real-time energy monitoring, with alerts and customized report updates accessible by the client on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

 Our innovative financing model works in partnership with our prequalified list of reputable financial institutions to fund energy-saving projects for clients.

Our People

We are a team of certified and qualified professionals with the relevant skills and extensive experience in energy management, training and consultancy. We are dedicated to assisting organizations optimize their efficiency through simple, easy, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

We are a team of highly competent licensed energy managers that bring on board cumulatively over 50 years of involved experience in energy management positions with a wealth of functional and acquired knowledge.

Our people epitomize the Eenovators mission to foster partnerships for the realization of energy efficiency, savings and sustainability; whilst empowering the community through best practices awareness and knowledge transfer.

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