Energy Projects

Eenovators boasts of a record of project implementation both energy efficiency including Lighting retrofits, voltage optimization, heat pump installations, VSD installations among others; and renewable energy projects including solar PV, solar thermal and solar water pumping projects. Eenovators has an extensive project pipeline in Kenya after years of carrying out energy audits for all kinds of industries. Eenovators also has the requisite expertise to undertake energy projects when contracted in a way that assures client satisfaction and energy savings.

Our offerings

Solar Solutions

Eenovators has a big focus on solar solutions based on the need to move away from dependence on environmentally harmful sources and to turn towards harnessing energy from natural renewable sources like the sun. Solar technology has also evolved with innovative solutions available to provide both electricity and hot water use.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Firms that have resorted to operating efficiently have reduced energy demand resulting in lower operating costs and a reduction in carbon emissions. Operating on an Energy Efficient level will make it easier complying to environmental regulations that various governments have put in place.