Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Energy Service Company

Eenovators is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that provides energy solutions to clients which include planning, design, implementation and monitoring as well as financing of power supply and energy efficiency projects and measures. Eenovators utilises the guaranteed savings model where we implement the project at zero cost to the client and cover the repayments from the energy savings emerging post-implementation. Eenovators as an ESCO takes over financial and technical risks of implementation and operation of the entire project thus leaving the client to focus on their core business and still enjoy reduce energy costs with little to no capital investment.

The ESCO model structure developed solution is a simple, replicable model for delivering appealing energy efficiency and clean energy propositions that businesses can adopt with confidence. Eenovators has partnered with EnergyPro and GIZ to develop the ESCO model structure called “ESCO in a Box”. This structure was first developed by EnergyPro, a leading Energy Consultancy and Investment firm.

 ESCO-in-a-box is an ‘operating system’ for energy services, incorporating all the systems, processes and contract templates needed to deliver energy efficiency projects to energy consumers based on internationally established good practices. 

Eenovators also license new partners to use the ESCO in a box model so that their clients benefit from a trusted local facilitator and the know-how and economies of scale that come from being part of a national network. We also offer training on how to establish and operate an ESCO and is looking to help establish more ESCOs in the East African market through capacity building and standardization

Key Benefits of the Eenovators ESCO Model

  • Guaranteed energy cost savings for clients from the first day of operations
  • Mutually agreed %  savings during the Tenor period & 100% Savings for the useful life of the equipment
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Improved comfort for patients
  • Upgrade on Energy efficiency systems
  • Real-time monitoring, validation of energy bills and reporting through our Eagles Portal
  • Increased building value
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Compliance with Regulators
  • Capacity building for technical & non-technical staff on energy awareness
  • Cut on building’s carbon emissions


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