Eenovators is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that implements a customized energy service package consisting of planning, building, operation and maintenance. We also finance projects and get paid back through the energy savings.


The contract between Eenovators and the building owner contains guarantees for cost savings. Eenovators as an ESCO takes over financial and technical risks of implementation and operation of the entire project thus leaving the building owner to focus on their core business and still enjoy reduce energy costs with little to no capital investment.

Eenovators has partnered with EnergyPro and GIZ to develop the ESCO model structure called “ESCO in a Box”. This structure was first developed by EnergyPro, a leading Energy Consultancy and Investment firm. ESCO-in-a-box is an ‘operating system’ for energy services, incorporating all the systems, processes and contract templates needed to deliver energy efficiency projects to energy consumers based on internationally established good practice.

The ESCO model structure developed solution is a simple, repeatable model for delivering appealing clean energy propositions that business adopt with confidence. 

We also license our partners to use the ESCO in a box model so that their clients benefit from a trusted local facilitator and the know-how and economies of scale that come from being part of a national network.

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Using our desktop survey, Eenovators Ltd will build an initial report of your current energy ‘footprint’ – and the potential energy cost, and carbon savings you could make by working with us. It’s completely free, and there’s no commitment to continue further at this stage.

If you have an EPC, floorplan, or energy bill for your building(s) have them handy to fill this in. If you don’t have access to these, don’t worry – just fill in what you can, or email us at for support.

Note: If your premises contain more than one building, please complete this section based on the main building of interest in terms of energy efficiency. This might be your main location, largest building, or the oldest building you operate within which is likely to require the most energy-related work. The questions relate to energy use at your building, and are vital to help us understand what may be possible at your organization and make our initial recommendations. If you’re unsure about the information, get in touch with us on and a member of our team will be happy to talk it through with you.

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