Compressed air Systems Optimization (CASO)

CASO training exposes candidates to all common components of a compressed air system, and how to perform an associated assessment. Basic exercises, case studies, and practical examples are discussed in the class. The syllabus is for end-users and is a pre-requirement for organizations and persons who wish to undergo in-depth training in compressed air systems.

The CASO end user training is a pre-cursor to the expert level training that is delivered at an organization’s facility where candidates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to support the adoption and implementation of CASO in industry. Trainers provide onsite technical training, assistance, and coaching of facility personnel on CASO project development and implementation over a period of 5-6 days. This is followed by assignments to be completed and practical work done over a period of 6 months. After successful assessment of assignments candidates may sit for the Expert Level Certificate Exam.

  • The basics of units, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Types of energy and laws
  • Efficiency
  • Mechanical energy basics
  • Pumps, fans, compressed air
  • Electricity basics
  • Power factor, electric motors, lighting
  • Thermal energy basics and energy balance
  • Charts and tables
  • Heat flow and insulation
  • Building envelope
  • Boilers and steam
  • Refrigeration and heat pumps
  • Energy management auditing
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Identifying energy management and saving opportunities

Training Costs: KES 55 000.00 (Excl. VAT)