Pump Systems Optimisation End User (ESO Pumps)

Partnerships: NITA, UNIDO, IEPA, AEE

Training Costs: Ksh 85,000 + VAT

Dates and locations:

10th and 11th November 2020, Nairobi

13-18 July 2020, Uganda

Venue: Best Western Meridian Hotel Nairobi

This two-day PSO End User Training is primarily designed to build enterprise personnel’s comprehension of and technical capacity for PSO and to enable them to initiate the development and implementation of PSO measures and projects.

  • Define PSO and LCC
  • Understand the importance of pump systems optimization and the importance of a Life cycle cost analysis
  • Perform a group exercise on conducting a PSO and consider how to pre-screen pump systems
  • Recognize types of pump systems and understand the importance of the systems approach
  • Understand pump system fluid relationships and performance curves
  • Pump equation, affinity laws and pump system calculations
  • Recognize the important of field measurements and perform a group exercise on using field measurements
  • Recognize the benefits of the PSAT software tool and how it can be used to identify potential opportunities
  • Be aware of pump system optimization resources and review the next steps they should take if they are interested in PSO
  • Understand how to select pump system optimization providers and p. report their take away from the training
  • Understand the PSAT software tool through a practical example
  • Outline how to apply best practices to correct operational and maintenance deficiencies
  • Correctly applying variable frequency drives and  have basic understanding of the international Pump Assessment Standard;
  • Identify a template to build a business case to justify additional resources to implement optimization projects, create an action plan for PSO and report their key take-away from the training

The participants will recognize the benefits of PSO and learn how to assess their pump systems and identify potential optimization opportunities, and determine how to achieve cost savings and energy efficiency through appropriate application of pumps in new and existing systems, different control methods and maintenance and operational best practices. They will also learn how to make cost calculations and quantitatively assess pump systems and potential improvement opportunities, also through the use of software tools such as the Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT)

 2 days

Attendance certificate will be issued to all delegates that attend the full duration of the training course. (85% or higher attendance required.)

  1. Facility engineers
  2. Operators 
  3. Maintenance staff 
  4. Energy service providers

and Onsite Registration Day 1: 8:15am
Training Hours Day 1: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Training Hours Day 2: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Please note:
Early registration is recommended as seats for UNIDO Training Programs are limited. Registration will close when an event reaches capacity.
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