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The Eenovators Internship Programme

There has been and continues to be a perennial challenge in the Energy Management sector, with regards to the lack of capacity to adequately provide energy auditing and management services, to the designated facilities that require to conduct energy audits and to generally meet the energy management needs in the country. The census of qualified and licensed energy practitioners are insufficient to satisfactorily cover the market, and provide the requisite services required to cover the energy needs of industry.


It is therefore imperative that immediate steps are taken to Increase the critical mass of qualified and licensed auditors by giving providing an avenue for candidates to comprehensively undertake and implement the obligatory five energy audits set as a requirement to become a licensed auditor.


As such Eenovators has put in place an energy management internship programme to serve this need and to provide the crucial experience required to meet this commitment. This programme also serves to bridge the gap between the university engineering curriculum and on the ground industry expectations for energy engineers with inadequate opportunities available or students to practice.


This structured internship programme for the energy engineering discipline that addresses the needs of graduates from technical institutions, university engineering programmes, and unlicensed engineers, serves to provide the much needed hands on practical experience that is not only beneficial for the candidates and ultimately the energy sector at large, but also to increase the skills available in the market with an aim of having highly skilled resources available for industry. The programme also serves as a knowledge transfer vehicle for which continuity and sustainability of high level practice within industry will be achieved.

Internship Program Curriculum

Focus areas include:

Key Focus Area Objectives
Energy Data Analysis


To understand different forms of energy data, input accurate energy data entry into energy analysis templates and carry out comprehensive analysis of energy data provided from different sites across industry.
Energy Site Work


To competently map out energy consumption logic for facilities and employ the use of various energy audit instruments on site. The interns will carry out audits in different sections of assigned facilities and a conduct retrieval and analysis of data from instruments used.


Technical Writing To develop end to end concise energy management reports including, audit, implementation, monitoring and other gap analysis and recommendation reports.
Research Work To conduct energy research, analyze trends, develop step-step procedures on energy management processes, and develop innovative models to deliver on energy conservation measures
Soft Skills Training


To take up leadership and management objectives, enhance communication on both traditional and emerging portals, enrich presentation competence, as well as undertake an entrepreneurship project for business success.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured to expose them to energy management knowledge and skills necessary to upskill them for industry. The programme structure provides a platform for participants to practically experience the auditing process, provides for one to one interaction with experienced engineers, and enables them experience real time exposure through industrial engagement. Via a structured job shadow and mentorship process, the interns are trained on the requisite tools, processes, methodology, and formats to adequately conduct quality energy management activities. The interns are also provided the opportunity to develop their leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication skills.

Why the Eenovators Energy Management Internship Programme works:

i. Presence of a rich internal capacity of two very experienced licensed auditors with a wealth of experience in the energy auditing and management field spanning a broad span of industry sectors.
ii. Accreditation by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as an institution qualified to provide knowledge transfer programmes in the energy sector.
iii. Multidisciplinary management team of well qualified professionals in the different requisite fields that run the organization in a highly professional manner.
iv. Already existing engineering internship programme that seeks to optimize participant’s productivity and provide value creation within the internship period.
v. Corporate membership with The Association of Energy Professionals of Eastern Africa.