Having an energy manager or energy management system in place has important outcomes including prudent energy management and accountability as well as awareness of the organization’s energy use and associated costs.

Eenovators Eagles Energy Management Programme
is an energy management and efficiency programme that ensures:


Access to expert Technical advisory on all energy matters
Achievement of energy savings
Reduction of energy costs
Full compliance with regal and regulatory requirements
Awareness sessions on energy best practice

Eenovators clients achieve this by providing them with programs such as;

• Real time monitoring for the programme period – this provides insights into activity levels at the organization


• Measurement and verification of energy projects – this is to help ascertain energy savings for the implemented projects.


• Development of the two mandatory implementation reports – these are 12 month cycle reports submitted to ERC for compliance


• Summarized outline energy audit report – this involves a brief monthly analysis, maximum load diagnosis, progress scope, identification of trends and areas for highlights.


• Electricity provider bill verification – provision of a validation mechanism to authenticate and verify electricity bill inputs

• Subsidized full energy audit after the programme period – for internal assessment and submission to ERC for compliance


• Quarterly meetings with the energy committee – to provide oversight and advisory on technical and implementation support.


• Energy investment support – technical support in the implementation of the energy investment plans


• Facilitation of certificate of compliance from ERC – assistance in preparation and filing for compliance


• KAM energy management award enrolment – this is with regards to guidance and facilitation support for increased awareness as an environmentally conscious corporate


• Access to Eenova Energy portal – access to real time updates with centrally management data, direct customer log in and access to information.