Leadership, Brand & Culture Change Strategist

Carolyne Gathuru | Director Strategy and Business Development, LifeSkills Consulting


An accomplished leadership, brand, marketing and service delivery strategist, Carolyne is a successful leader and business optimization specialist with over 20 years of experience across a broad range of disciplines. She specializes in effective strategy development and communication for service delivery and has an in-depth knowledge of developing practical strategies to improve organizational efficiencies. She has an innate ability to assess and understand the behavioral dynamics across various groups, gained from work with corporate organizations to develop interactive and effective strategy delivery tools and platforms that inspire behavior change among targeted stakeholders; be it employees, management, or partners in the business. She is passionate about creating personal and professional transformation in Africa by enabling brands to deliver on their promise to customers and for professionals to create dynamic personal brands in their personal and professional capacities.


As the founder of Life-Skills Consulting, she is an ardent and passionate corporate trainer and coach with practical experience in the areas of consulting and training in leadership, customer service, business development, marketing, branding, public relations, corporate communications, and corporate social responsibility programs.


She sits on various boards including The Institute of Customer Experience, Pacemaker International, Springboard Capital and Bible Society of Kenya and provides business advisory services for growth and sustainability. Through various management roles from Symphony Group as the Career Consulting Manger, Afsat Communications Ltd as lead Marketing and product support, The Nairobi Hospital as the Marketing and Customer Service manager and Seven Seas Technologies as the Brand and Marketing Manager, she has repeatedly led teams to successfully deploy transformational service delivery and create delightful customer experiences to inspire passion for their brands. She is also the founder of iSpeak –a programme for children from underprivileged communities that seeks to inspire them to speak with confidence, and articulate themselves with grace, to enable them to become holistic members of society.