C.E.M, CMVP, Bsc Mechanical Engineering (UON), Technical Officer Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Eustace Murithi Njeru is currently a consultant and a trainer in energy efficiency and conservation. Eustace has been in the energy management space for more than fifteen years now. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional CMVP).


Eustace has immense experience in the manufacturing sector, building and industrial engineering services, energy auditing and evaluation of energy audits for the last six years. He has completed thirty energy audits and evaluated more than nine hundred.


Eustace is licensed as a class A-energy auditor, T3 Solar PV technician and a Solar Hot Water Technician. Eustace Murithi Njeru as one of the Certified Trainers in CEM. He has conducted numerous training for people in facilities consuming more than 180,000 KWh for the purpose of complying with the Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2012.


In 2016, Eustace was awarded as the Energy Engineer of the year in Sub-Saharan Africa by the Association of Energy Engineers in Washington DC.