Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitors

The benefit of verifiable statistics for management decision making is indisputable in value for any organization. The ability to access and track specific energy use data from anywhere in the world, including through mobile devices provides an invaluable opportunity for immediate action be it corrective or preventive action as required.


Most organizations are unaware of how much of energy is consumed monthly and so rely on electricity bills to determine their usage. Through our monitoring platforms, Eenovators provides organizations with tools to help facilities monitor and verify energy consumption.

Having electricity monitors provides a facility owner with benefits including:


1. Providing awareness of exact energy consumption – electricity monitors indicate (in kW and in real time) exactly how much energy the home or facility is using, this helps in direct awareness of specific energy use.


2. Exposing specific energy spend per period – Eenovators’ eGauge energy monitors displays energy use in Kenya shillings, which really helps update on exact amounts going into energy spending. An alternative tool – the CarbonTrack electricity monitor, also allows for the set-up of a monthly energy budget or target and enables a day-by-day viewing of spending versus target to track performance.


3. Prompting energy-efficient changes – As a result of awareness of energy expenditure both units and costs, proactive next steps to reduce energy use is promoted. Starting out with smaller steps whilst working towards bigger actions is advised.

Water Monitors

The increasing demand for water arising from global population growth and urbanization in recent years continues to stress water supply to its limits. Water infrastructure such as pipes have also been deteriorating due to aging. As a result, new technologies in water infrastructure have been required to enable the distribution of water to users in a safe and cost-effective manner.

The Eenovators’ real time water monitor provides clients with the capability to monitor own water consumption in the same way as electricity use is often monitored. It allows users to see their consumption trends and helps determine high and low consumption patterns on a day to day basis. This helps in the management of water usage and water bills.