Power Quality Solutions

Power Quality Audit

Poor power quality in facilities is often characterized by electrical equipment malfunctions and unreliability during normal operations, resulting in increased maintenance costs, delays in service delivery and health hazards. Eenovators offers a power quality solution that provides for a thorough audit to determine the quality of power supplied by utility companies.


Voltage Optimization

Installation, testing and commissioning of voltage optimizers which bring down high voltage to recommended range saving energy as well as maintenance cost of electrical machines and equipment.

Power Factor Correction

Measurement for existing power factor value, size and installation of power factor capacitor banks to correct low power factor. This achieves lower electricity bills and avoids reactive power fee in terms of penalties.

Load Balancing

Provision of lasting solutions for high neutral currents resulting from unbalanced loads.

High Level Harmonics Reduction

Reduction of high harmonics that cause large currents in the neutral wire, overheating of supply transformer and neutral cable.

Having the correct power quality is a safety intervention that ensures hazard prevention and control. Through this solution, Eenovators ensures organizations are cost consciousness through lower bills, reduction in equipment maintenance cost and avoidance of penalties.