Process Heat Solutions

System Performance Analysis

Eenovators targets organizations that use process heat systems to provide heating for industrial processes including indirect-heating steam boiler and hot water generator systems, as well as direct-heating systems such as gas-fired drying ovens. This is with a view to analyzing the performance of these systems to identify potential energy savings and provide sound recommendations for implementation of energy efficiency initiatives.


Heat Recovery

Heat recovered from any part of the system can be used within another part of the process (demand side), such as product in-feed preheating, or used within the generation system (supply side), such as for combustion air preheating.

Combustion Efficiency Improvements

Combustion efficiency is enhanced ultimately determining the amount of fuel used and thus the overall cost of operating the heating system.

Blow Down Optimization

Owing to the significant amount of energy lost during blowdown cycles, as water is dumped along with the internal energy it contains, optimization is implemented and blowdown heat recovery introduced.

Fuel Change Opportunity

Selection of the most suitable fuel for a boiler application including natural gas, fuel oil, biomass and coal requires informed advisory from a technical view point to ensure optimal operations. Waste heat from other parts of the plant as well as potential cogeneration systems should also be considered.

Insulation Opportunities and Heat Containment

Significant heat loss (and therefore heat waste) can be significant without effective insulation on all supply or return piping, valves, flanges and other equipment. Maintaining insulation in good condition is vital to an energy-efficient heating system, especially for a distributed system, with removable jackets being an effective solution where sections must be accessed.

Steam Trap Testing

An opportunity for significant cost savings lies in the efficacy of steam traps. Failure to recover that latent heat stored in steam due to a faulty steam trap, results in major energy loss.

Auditing of process heat systems ultimately provides a valuable opportunity to identify gaps, and institute measures for reversal and recovery. Eenovators focuses on the key objective to save costs and thereby impact the organization’s bottom line.