Solar PV Providers

Eenovators is one of the biggest Solar PV solutions providers in Kenya

We are highly specialized in design, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems. Fully licensed and certified by Energy Regulatory Commission of Kenya, Eenovators proficiently carries out both grid-tied and off-the-grid solar PV installations, which are preceded by sizing and feasibility audits to determine the required consumption, as well as subsequent real-time monitoring to ensure efficiency in energy usage of the installed solar plants.

With experience conducting a number of Solar PV installations in the Northern Kenya and within Nairobi, Eenovators is reliably able to conduct awareness training on importance of renewable energy technology and environmental awareness on how to mitigate global warming through green energy technology.

The Eenovators team has also carried out a number of feasibility studies for various facilities with the aim of providing them with solar PV power plants. These include; factories, hotels, business outlets, commercial buildings, shopping malls, horticultural farms, non-profits and government organizations.