Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Eenovators has a big focus on solar solutions based on the need to move away from dependence on environmentally harmful sources and to turn towards harnessing energy from natural renewable sources like the sun. Solar technology has also evolved with innovative solutions available to provide both electricity and hot water use.

Solar Hot Water

The cost of water heating is increasingly becoming a significant budgetary item, be it for facilities using hot water for their operations for both industrial and corporate or for domestic home use. Solar hot water units provide cost effective solutions for hot water use for various purposes. Eenovators provides solutions for both domestic and industrial use and has a track record for successful deployment and maintenance. Our solar hot water systems require a relatively cost effective investment with significant savings leading to monthly electricity bill reductions of up to 40%. The Eenovators team has specialists that you can talk to about: • Design of solar hot water systems • Installations based on required capacity and function • Consultation pre, during and post solar hot water installation

Solar PV

Eenovators has been deploying Solar PV solutions from inception around the country. With the abundance of high sunlight in the region and Africa as a whole, the need to harness Solar PV for both domestic and industrial use. Solar PV solutions provide independent Off-the-Grid system that provides autonomy and empowers users to produce and manage electricity effectively. The country is working towards providing solutions for excess generated power to be fed back to the grid as a source of revenue generation, and the investment in Solar PV has futuristic return on investment potential. Eenovators has a pool of competent engineers to ensure accurate designs and installation of Solar PV both for small scale and large scale electrical energy consumers are done. The scoping and design planning of projects across the continent with the target to offer a more sufficient and reliable source of green energy is a driving objective to ensure renewable energy uptake all round.